3 of the Most Coincidental Lottery Stories Ever

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Using lottery winnings smartly is not a coincidence. It’s the result of making a smart choice, such as choosing between a lottery lump sum payout or a lottery annuity settlement. The former, which pays out the whole sum in one go, can be used to start a business, and generate income for years. The latter, which pays out yearly lottery payments, can be used to provide financial security while other passions are pursued.

Getting a lottery lump sum or an annuity, however, can be quite a coincidence. Here are just a few of the most amazing, coincidental, lottery stories around.

A Newspaper Printed the Winning Numbers Before They Were Drawn. – Conspiracies theorists will get a rise out of this story. Vancouver’s Columbian Newspaper accidentally printed the winning numbers for the Oregon lottery a day ahead of the drawing. At the last minute, the paper’s computers crashed , so a copy editor redid the pages, and grabbed Virginia’s previous Pick-4 numbers because they were crunched for time. What’s weird is that the Oregon lottery actually did wind up picking those numbers.

A Woman Wins the Lottery Four Times. – People win the lottery multiple times all the time, but they’re usually small amounts scattered across thousands of different tries. One woman in Texas, however, won more than $20 million in lottery money over the course of four different wins. Unfortunately, she never revealed her secret, which may very well have just been sheer, dumb luck.

Absent Mindedness Leads to Winning Double. – Derek and Dawn Ladner played the same, six numbers each week. At last, they finally won in 2007, and claimed their £479,142 share of the £2,395,710 jackpot that was split between five winners. Incredibly, Derek remembered that he’d bought a second ticket for that drawing out of sheer absent mindedness, having forgotten that he’d already purchased the ticket, giving him and his wife another share of the jackpot. I was Ativan drug addicted, so my previous psychiatrist didn’t prescribe me benzos. Instead, he put me on Vistaril, which I found rather ineffective. However https://3dorganon.com/ativan/, benzos are the only drugs that will help those who suffer from anxiety disorder. For me, ativan lorazepam is a perfect option. I take caution when using it and never increase a dose 1 mg a day is enough to calm me down. The bragging point of this drug is that it doesn’t produce sleepy or euphoric sensations.

No matter how coincidental your lottery winnings are, you need to make a smart choice about whether you want a lump sum payout, or an annuity. If you have any questions about making such a decision, feel free to share in the comments.

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