Are You Looking for a Real Estate Investment Loan That Will Help You Buy the Property of Your Dreams?

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Turns out secured short term loans were the answer.
After paying their home off 15 years ago, the couple in their 70s finally decided on a new house that was perfect. Located only six blocks from their current home, the new ranch style floor plan was a far better option than the two story home where they currently lived. And while they needed to close on the new house as soon as they builder was finished, they knew from the market that it would take awhile for them to sell their current home.
A very small backyard and a small finished basement were the two negatives potential buyers mentioned. Although the current owner loved the fact that by using a car lift he was able to store four cars in the three car garage on the front of the house, potential buyers were skeptical as to why they should need even more garage space in the basement. With easily enough room for two more cars in the lower basement, few families could figure out why they would give up finished walkout basement space for room for as many as five cars.
Although the current owners were certain they would eventually find a buyer who was interested in using the extra basement garage as a workshop or crafting area, they also admitted it might take awhile to find that perfect buyer. The immediate concern was being able to buy the new ranch while it was still available. And buying it right away meant they could make many of the choices like wall color, carpet choices, and kitchen cabinet stains. The bones of the brand new ranch were excellent and the wife was excited that for the fourth time in her marriage she would be able to move into a brand new home. She had never moved into someone else’s house and the opportunity to finish a new home again had real appeal.
Secured Short Term Loans Help Some Buyers Reach Their Goals
The fact that the already owned two story home was paid for was a real comfort. Until it sold, however, the older couple needed to get their hands on one of the available secured short term loans. The real estate investment leaders assured the couple that they could pay off any of several secured short term loans as soon as they sold their first home. The early payoff, the investment property mortgage lenders assured them, would not carry any penalties. Confident that they would eventually sell their older home, the couple closed on the sale of the new ranch and moved in. They anxiously awaited the perfect buyer for their perfectly maintained home. They would simply hope that the investment mortgage lenders would help them find the buyer that they needed. When the first house sold, they would take that money and pay off the loan on the new home. They would again be living in a home that was completely paid for.
The couple, who now owned two homes moved into their new house, leaving just enough furniture to stage the home the way the realtors suggested. Unfortunately, after several months of showing, including the typical busy real estate months that end summer and start the school year, no one had even made an offer on the two story home with extra garage space. Although the couple was loving their new home, they were tiring of having to mow two different yards and maintain the landscaping in two different locations. Luckily, the two properties were within walking distance of each other, but the whole thing was getting old.
In an effort to get the property to sell more quickly, the owners decided on a rather drastic move. After looking at both renovation financing and renovation lending options, they actually decided to take another small loan out, open up the wall between the finished basement and the large garage area and completely remodel the basement with several upgrades that had been attracting buyers on other homes. It was a risk, but the additional investment paid off. A quick sale and the two story home sold at the higher asking price. Creative financing had come to the rescue!

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