Are You Looking for the Perfect Buyer for Your Business?

Finding the right buyer

Starting a business is like raising a baby. It becomes part of a family, a way of life for everyone involved.
It should come as no surprise then that when it comes time to selling a business you want to make sure that you invest time in finding the right buyer. Like watching your little one go off to school and be in the perfect teacher’s classroom, you make finding the right buyer a priority.
Even if you enlist the help of business brokers and business merger and acquisition firms you still want to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page when it comes to finding the right buyer for your business, whether it is just a start up or a business that has been in the family for decades. although you may start with questions like how long does a business sale take, you want to also make sure you indicate how important it is to make sure that everyone is committed to finding the right buyer. A buyer who will continue to meet the needs of your current customer. A buyer who will understand the value you place in the business that you are offereing:

  • Bakeries can make for great family businesses, but they require lots of work. Early morning hours, though, are rewarded with tasty goodies that will fly off the shelves later in the day.
  • Environmental awareness companies can help their customers safely dispose of chemicals that would otherwise be dangerous to our water systems.
  • Scuba diving companies allow the owners to practice what they preach. The 15 foot dive tank can be filled with people taking scuba lessons in the evenings and on weekends, but the shallow part of the pool can be used during the day for Mommy and Me swim lessons.
  • Truck repair shops can make a fortune in almost any part of the country. From engine repair to body shop work, the best repair shops often have appointments scheduled weeks in advance.

  • Instrumental and voice lessons are increasing in popularity as performers of all ages look for opportunities to improve their skills.
  • Neighborhood publications that feature local businesses and highlight the events that are in the area.

  • Tree services are popular as more and more people work to increase the curb appeal of their homes and commercial properties.
  • Helicoptor tours of the local sites as well as an opportunity for property owners to shoot aerial photos of their own property.
  • Electronics sales and service is a thriving industry that encompasses everything from replacing the screens on cell phones and tablets to helping customers upgrade the memories on their laptops.

  • Bathroom fixtures are available to order online, but many customers want to be able to go to a full size show room to see what their options are.
  • Utensils for cooking and high dollar kitchen accessories can be a real success in a business that opens in a strip mall full of other high end shops.
  • Shoe stores that are the perfect option for the outdoor crowd perform really well in areas that are next to large recreational areas.
  • Interior design is the specialty for many people who have always had the best fashion sense.
  • Nearly 70% of surveyed business brokers reported that at least 25% of their sales were related to Baby Boomers.
  • Estimates indicate that there are nearly 28 million small businesses in America.
  • Surveys from business brokers in 2016 indicated that as many as 63% business owners were looking to sell, but that there were more qualified buyers on the market.
  • Statistics gathered by the Insight Report indicated that there were 7,842 small businesses sold in the year 2016.

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