For Any CPA Firm Marketing is a Challenge that Requires Help

Marketing for consulting firms

For any established certified public accounting, or CPA firm marketing presents a unique challenge. Retail shops easily advertise the clothing and accessories they offer through effective and targeted marketing solutions, as do other businesses with concrete products to offer. But with any CPA firm marketing is quite different for a few distinct reasons.

For one, CPA firms are good at crunching the numbers, not marketing themselves. The people employed at the typical CPA firm never learned how to use marketing to get new clients, nor did they take any sort of informal training on it. For the most part, these people are there to do accounting and tax related work, not brag about their services. Most have not the first idea how this is done. They have never heard of inbound marketing strategies and tactics and have never formally developed lead generation campaigns.

For another, CPA firms are more in demand at certain times of the year, like when tax season approaches. They are very busy during these times and often require less time to market themselves. But in slower times, when tax season is over and CPA firms have to go back to their normal ways of doing things, they often get stuck. Luckily, for the average CPA firm marketing solutions are available from providers in their area. Marketers with experience developing campaigns for CPA firms are available around the country and the world too, making these solutions viable and affordable for any sized CPA firm.
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