Is Your Teenager Earning a Paycheck for the First Time Ever?

You have not been to your favorite grocery store back home in what seems like a hundred years. Walking in brings back great memories and a lot of great life lessons. Your job at this grocery store was where you learned how to take care of customers.
Come to think of it, you have had some pretty menial jobs in your life, including forking manure, flipping burgers, and mowing grass. From these tasks, however, you were taught valuable life lessons from job that you had. The fact of the matter is there are no bad jobs if you learn from them.

What Kind of Checking Account Do I Need for My Teenager?

First jobs are often the first steps that today’s teenagers take as they are getting ready to establish their life long financial habits. Helping your teen understand the value of saving money and responsibly using mobile banking apps is a great way to help your son or daughter create excellent habits.

Interestingly enough, many of us learn the real lessons in life from the FIRST JOBS that we have:

  • Filling internet grocery orders are some of the first jobs that teenagers have today. Unfortunately, this job does not include the same kind of customer interaction that was part of grocery store work in the past.
  • Ice cream stores that are only open in the summer serve as a great way for teenagers to teenagers to work when they have the most free time.
  • Restaurants, both fast food and sit down, provide a number of jobs that serve as first jobs for many teenagers.
  • Self serve car washes still need part time attendants to make change and keep all of the bays clean.
  • Take out food driving jobs offer a great way to make a decent amount of money by working after school and on weekends.

  • Just erving food to the members at a local golf club’s pool is a great way to make nice tips, in addition to the hourly wage that you make.
  • One of the hardest, but the most profitable, first jobs that many people have is detassling. Workers are so difficult to find that many of these companies are paying top dollar to make sure that they have the workers they need when they need them.
  • Busing tables at a bowling alley during league might not be very glamorous work, but it teaches you how to interact with a wide variety of people.
  • Swimmers often get jobs teaching little ones the basics of water safety. As the get older and get trained in CPR and life guarding, these swimmers who have grown up in the water sometimes become lifeguards.

When you have a teenager who is asking, “What kind of checking account do I need,” you are being given the opportunity to impart sound financial advice that can lead to a lifetime of success. Applying for a home loan is one of the most significant financial steps in the lives of many people, but the good credit rating that you have begins long before that kind of major investment. Teaching your children how to ask important questions about what kind of checking account do I need when I head to college is an indicator of a young person who is already thinking responsibly. Whether you are looking for ways to teach your children the value of taking their first jobs seriously or you are helping them set up a free online banking account, you can always find a way to show your children how to live a life that will be successful.

When you realize that 6 million people are behind on their car payments by 90 days or more, you quickly understand the value of teaching your children the importance of careful budgeting and establishing good credit. The latest research from a Bankrate study indicates that 32% of Americans between the ages of 53 and 62 reported they had zero dollars saved, more than any other age group. If you do not want your children to be part of these statistics it is important to help them ask the very best questions like what kind of checking account do I need from the minute the get their first job.

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