Mobile Web Payments A New Way for Small Businesses to Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Wireless payment processing

Think for a second about the typical layout of a small business shop. There’s a sales floor with various items, yes, but then somewhere, either facing the door or next to it, is a checkout counter. On that checkout counter, one thing likely stands out: a cash register. It’s big, bulky, and probably wired into a nearby outlet. It can’t move all over the store, and if things get busy, then customers have no choice but to wait in line.

However, there are other options today that allow business owners to forgo the clunky terminal — and all you need is a small device that clips to a smartphone or tablet. By using a device that processes mobile web payments, a small business owner can help customers check out faster, and they may even bring in greater revenues, too. If you’re wondering how mobile payment processing can help your business, here are just a few advantages you could see with mobile web payments:

    1. Quick: The older some credit card machines get, the slower they can perform. This can spell trouble when you have a line of customers to process. By adding a mobile payment terminal to your store, you can use the register for cash transactions and process others paying with a card in a fast and friendly manner.

    2. Convenient: Visa and MasterCard cards are the two most common types of cards in the world. They account for the most spending volume, and they are most likely to be accepted throughout North America. However, some customers prefer to use debit cards, also, or they have credit cards from another company (Discover, American Express, etc.). By giving your customers more options when they pay, you could also give them more opportunity to buy. A cash-only enterprise will only earn what customers have in their pockets; letting them pay with “plastic” can allow for greater spending in some situations.
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    3. Secure: Although some customers may be reluctant to use mobile web payments in a small business, they have nothing to fear — and neither do you. Mobile payment solutions are created to be PCI compliant, and they send information over an encrypted SSL connection, so consumer data won’t be intercepted by a third party. The payments are all processed through a third party, so information stays secure and you’ll have less risk with fraudulent payments or other problems with transactions.

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