What Panhandlers can Teach You About Investing

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Everybody has it, whether it is in a jar, or a jingling piggy bank or even just a small dish, loose change is everywhere. It is easy to forget that those little tinkling coins that get stuck at the bottoms of drawers, in the creases of couches and abandoned in the street are actually money, as much as any paper bill. The paper cash counters forgo their change completely, opting for only things that they can stow and securely tuck away in their billfolds and wallets While the coin counters meticulously keep their change like trophies in jars, relegating them only to the realm of laundry or parking meters. If you have been living with a pile of loose money maybe now is the time to see how far your change can actually get you. A quick trip to a coin sorter and counter machine could offer you several opportunities for entertainment.

Treat Yourself to Something Small

    Go to a Movie

    We have all heard the old timers complaining about how movie tickets used to cost almost nothing. It is true that movie prices have shot up significantly. To see that new summer blockbuster in glorious 3D it could cost you upwards of $20 dollars per ticket, after a while that price can add up. What if instead of using your credit card or your available bills, you took your saved change to a coin sorter and counter machine and used that as your entertainment fund? That way you watch the show guilt free, with the satisfaction that you paid for the movie with the money which would normally be hiding under your cushions.

    Try a New Restaurant

    All of those coins sitting in your candy dish can afford you a new culinary treat. If you aren’t one of the serious coin sorters you probably won’t have enough to patronize the latest Michelin star restaurant, but you still might be able to get enough money to try out the new taco or burger joint down the street. You know, the one that all your friends can’t stop talking about.

Treat Yourself to Something Big

Don’t be fooled your change is as good as gold when it comes to small and large purchases. Many people have well documented stories of using their saved bits to go on vacations. A man in Indiana even bought a used pickup truck with his change after visiting a coin sorter and counter machine, of course. Or if you want to continue your cycle of saving, you could always invest it!

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