American Real Estate Partners specializes in commercial real estate

Douglas e fleit

Commercial real estate can be a highly profitable opportunity and is an investment option rapidly growing in popularity. The term commercial real estate refers to land or buildings used to generate a profit, usually from renal income, and is also called investment or income property. Some examples of common commercial property includes office buildings, multi family homes, hotels, and retail stores. However, any type of property that is used for the purpose of income or renting can still be considered under the umbrella of commercial real estate. When making a property investment, some of the primary elements one must consider are cash outflows, inflows, timing of cash flows, and risk. Risk is one of the most important, and is dependent on a variety of factors including market conditions, current trends, and the likelihood of lease renewal. These elements must be properly analyzed to provide successful services to investors in commercial real estate. There are many commercial real estate companies out there than can help with investments and returning a profit. One such company is American Real Estate Partners which is a fully integrated private real estate investment company.

The two main principals at American Real Estate Partners are CEO Douglas E. Fleit, and COO and President Brian L. Katz. The company focused on commercial real estate assets and property investments along the east coast of the United States. The team has experience and knowledge in all areas of commercial real estate, including acquisitions, dispositions, leasing, development, and asset management. Douglas Fleit has over 35 years of experience in the industry and has worked in nearly all aspects of the craft. American Real Estate Properties has assembled a focused, specialized team that can help anyone improve their profits within the commercial real estate field.

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