Four Tips for Selling Your Gold Coins the Right Way

American gold and silver exchange for some pretty impressive prices these days, but it’s important to do your research before you decide it’s time to sell your gold or silver coins. There are many coin dealers online, and while some of them are completely legitimate, there are many horror stories about others.

Know the value of your coins. American coins and their value can be a somewhat tricky topic to navigate depending on factors like year and condition. Be sure you’re working with a trusted dealer first, so you can be confident you’re getting what your coins are actually worth.

Beginner coin collector sets are often available from reputable dealers who have American coins for sale. While this is a good sign, it’s still best to read reviews and testimonials from many sources before you commit to working with a coin dealer. If you see a lot of red flags in reviews, including complaints about offered prices or clients not receiving payment, it’s best to back away and find another dealer who can meet your needs.

Everyone could use a little extra money to help make ends meet — or just to indulge a little bit.

That’s why, with gold prices exceeding $1,000 an ounce, there has never been a more optimal time to sell your gold coins for money.

But if you don’t know how to buy and sell gold, the process of selling gold coins can seem intimidating. But don’t worry — this article will give you all the strategies you need to sell gold coins like you’ve been doing it for years.

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Here are four of the best tips to help you learn how to sell gold coins like an expert:

1. Avoid online buyers: Horror stories abound involving people who have tried to sell gold online, only to never see their gold again, or a check in the mail in return. The best place to sell gold coins will have a physical store location.

2. Know what your gold is worth: Determining the value of a collection of gold coins can be tougher than doing so with gold jewelry. But to get a rough estimate of how much you should be asking for your coins, you should find the current market price of gold and multiply it by the weight of your coins in troy ounces, the measuring unit for gold. Many antique buyers will give you more than this amount if the coins have historical value as well.

3. Choose the best place to sell gold: Before you sell gold coins to just any buyer, do your research about each buyer you’re considering. There are tons of resources online where people like you who have sold their gold leave reviews about the many gold buyers across the country.

4. Get money: Once you’ve done all the above steps, the last one is easy — receive your payment from the gold buyer you’ve chosen. It’s easier than it looks to successfully sell your gold coins for a profit — it just takes some getting used to. Read more about this topic at this link.

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