Back To Basics Don’t Overlook Existing Shareholders In Investor Relations

Shareholder services

In 2015, too many firms in the investor relations industry take your company’s existing shareholders for granted. As investor relations and financial public relations have moved online, some investor relations firms forget how important it is to communicate with longtime shareholders.

What does that mean? While most modern investors have embraced the instant-nature of the Internet, that doesn’t mean tried-and-true shareholder communication services should go out the window. Ultimately, shareholders who feel informed and valued are more likely to trust the direction of the company, which means less surprises from activist shareholders looking to shake things up.

Many trend-spotting investment bloggers will tell you it’s crucial for companies to embrace technologies like social media and blogging to communicate with shareholders, especially in times of crisis. While this isn’t necessarily bad advice, such an approach will leave older investors who couldn’t care less about Twitter out in the cold.

No, ultimately strong shareholder communication services involves those tried-and-true PR techniques, in combination with the latest digital communication platforms. This ensures that you can issue press releases and get them seen when you need to, while also clearly, regularly communicating with your existing shareholder base.

Neglecting the basics of shareholder communication services will only lead to a frustrated group of shareholders. A combination of the latest digital investor relations solutions and straightforward shareholder communication services will always win out over the latest trends among the social media set.

When looking to hire investor relation firms for your shareholder communication services, make sure you hire a company that understands the importance of the basics. And that means a company that recognizes the importance of your longtime, existing shareholder base.

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