How Much Does A New Replacement Garage Door Cost?

Replacing a garage door is no small task. Given the labor, materials, and everything else involved, getting a new garage door often costs quite a bit. That said, with research and effort you may be able to find high-quality garage door services at a reasonable price.

So how much is a new replacement garage door? There’s no one size fits all answer just as there’s no one size fits all garage door.

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The cost of replacing your door will be impacted by the size of the garage door itself. Often, a two-car garage door will be more expensive than a one-car garage door of similar quality.

There are also tons of options no matter the size you chose. A cheap single car garage door might cost just $500 while a large, custom wooden garage door could easily cost $10,000 or more.

Still, by doing some research and finding a great garage door company and skilled garage door installation technicians, you can ensure you get great value no matter what you spend. A unique, luxurious garage door may justify its $10,000 price tag.

Meanwhile, a poor quality budget garage door might break down within a few years, while a high-quality door at a similar price could last for many years to come.

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